Intelligently protecting you and your workers from .

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Brilliant Features

InclementSafe is loaded with intelligent features to help you protect your workers and ensure no time is lost during the life of your project.

  • Liquidated Damages

    InclementSafe documents all shutdowns due to inclement weather-related events. This documentation can be used to substantiate loss of time due to weather events and avoid costly liquidated damages. This is essential to development of FRAGNETs in substantiating delay claims.

  • Documents Your Compliance

    EM 385-1-1 / OSHA 1926 Construction Standard – InclementSafe documents your company’s compliance to weather related risk factors/hazards. This record is always available whether it be for a compliance audit or history in quoting your company’s future jobs.

  • Policies and Procedures

    Embedded pre-written, editable policies and procedures - For compliance we’ve written policies and procedures for your company to use to actively manage compliance with state and federal, safety and health regulations. They are editable, which makes them easily customizable for your organization.

  • Safety and Documentation

    Embedded pre-written safety talks and documentation role sheets – We’ve developed safety training modules for your use on each of the weather-related safety and health-related issues addressed in the App/Software. We’ve also provided you with a role sheet to print and have signed when you conduct your training as a record of compliance. They are editable which makes them easily customizable for your organization.

  • Weather Event Reporting

    All weather notification events are recorded. Whether you notified the workforce to seek shelter due to tornadoes, lightning or advised of UV hazards and protective measures, you have the reports at your fingertips. This valuable data is sortable and searchable for the entire length of the contract.